No. 38! (Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

Voting on Time mag’s person of the year ended at midnight Wednesday, and the results are out. The headline? Fox News political contributor Karl Rove nabbed 38th place on the list, despite a short-lived “benching” from the Fox News airwaves following his election night meltdown. Or perhaps because of the benching. Rove pulled in 5,709 “definitely” votes and 109,406 “no way” votes, a lopsidedness that’s common for folks ranked in the 30s on the poll.

The good news for Rove: The editors of Time — and not the poll results — determine the person of the year. And that, too, could be bad news for North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun, who came in first with 5,635,941 “definitely” votes to “137,986” “no ways.” The poll, as Time proudly self-discloses, is “completely unscientific.”