In the interview above with Canada’s Sun News, Fox News contributor Steven Crowder provides a bit more information on how he ended up being assaulted during Tuesday’s union protests in Lansing, Mich. The way he describes it, he and “some men” reacted after union protesters started ransacking a tent sponsored by the pro-“right-to-work” group Americans for Prosperity. “We didn’t get violent with them,” said Crowder. “But we did try to push them off the tent. That is true. We tried to push them off the tent.”

Unclear is whether this effort to “push them off the tent” had anything to do with Crowder’s assailant finding himself on the turf just before he started whaling on Crowder.

Whatever the circumstances, the public should eventually get a fuller picture of what went down outside of that tent. Crowder, after all, has filed a complaint, and an investigation by the Michigan State Police will be going forward.

Crowder had some opinions on what police may discover regarding his attacker: “He’s a union guy. I very much doubt it’s his first offense.”