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Crowder files complaint with Michigan state troopers

Delivering on a pledge that he made this week on “Hannity,” Fox News contributor Steven Crowder has filed a complaint with the Michigan State Police in connection with the pummeling he sustained during the union protests Tuesday in the Michigan capital of Lansing. Richard Hale, the shift supervisor at the Lansing post of the Michigan State Police, just told the Erik Wemple Blog that he’d spoken with Crowder not long ago. “By calling in, he’s in essence filed a complaint. He’s initiated the process for the filing of a criminal complaint,” said Hale.

On Tuesday afternoon, Fox News released videotape of Crowder clashing with various pro-union protesters on the Lansing Capitol grounds. He took profane guff from a tough who didn’t like his question about why the crowd didn’t like the state’s new “right to work” statute. And he was shown taking repeated blows from another man in the crowd. That night, Crowder appeared on “Hannity,” the popular Fox program, and vowed, among other things, to “press charges” against his assailant.

“We’ll have to do an investigation and submit it” to prosecutors, said Hale