In between insults, this discussion between CNN’s Piers Morgan and Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America Larry Pratt is actually pretty substantive. The gun debate boils down to whether more guns make everyone safer or more imperiled. The takeaway from the segment, though, has nothing to do with policy or the next step for America. It’s the fact that Morgan calls Pratt “an unbelievably stupid man.” As the interview winds down, Morgan goes right to the ad hominem heart of the issue. “I know why sales of these weapons have been soaring in the last few days. It’s down to idiots like you,” Morgan says to Pratt. A couple of additional Morgan-to-Pratt insults followed.

The National Rifle Association doesn’t need hold a press conference to explain itself. Gun companies needn’t deploy lobbyists. All they need to do is show up on Morgan’s show, where he’ll surely transform them into sympathetic figures.

(H/T New York Times, Politico)