(Ralph D. Freso / REUTERS)

Bernard Goldberg, who hashes out media topics weekly with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, doesn’t think much of the suburban New York-based Journal News story and map identifying gun permit holders in Rockland and Westchester counties. “It amounts to nothing more than a cheap, anti-gun stunt,” Goldberg said. “It’s the kind of thing, Bill, that you’d sort of expect from a wise guy working on a high school newspaper. And to the extent that a newspaper survives based on its reputation, this has done real damage to this newspaper’s reputation.”

No question that the Journal News didn’t put enough thought and enterprise into the project.

Yet. Are people really under siege, as host O’Reilly alleges? Here’s how he put it: “We now know that individuals, real people, like Jeanine Pirro, are suffering because of the exposition and because they say you know what — Jeanine, I sentenced a lot of people to prison. I mean, I prosecuted a lot of people. And now they know where I live, they know what my status is, and here they come.”