No matter what you think of Piers Morgan, no matter how you view his outlandishly rude treatment of gun-control rights advocates in the immediate aftermath of Newtown, no matter how you view his unwatchably watchable two-part sit-down with Alex Jones, there’s this: The guy has positioned himself at the center of the gun-control debate that’s poised to co-dominate Washington, along with debt and taxes, for the coming months. Morgan owes his fine positioning in part to the petition to have him deported for attacking the Second Amendment, a PR boost that cable types must dream about. And if, for some reason, gun control doesn’t get its due, well, all the more reason for Morgan to spout off about the topic.

Below, in a chat with former Marine Joshua Boston, he finds a medium between the nasty ad hominem he flashed at Larry Pratt and the near-silence with which he responded to Jones. It’s almost precedential: a boring Morgan segment on gun control.