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In what can only qualify as progress, the guy who nearly a year ago acquired media relevance by calling a previously anonymous woman a “slut,” among many other things, is now acquiring media relevance by debating the proper role of executive orders in American governance. Now in a spat with CNN’s Carol Costello over Vice President Joe Biden’s pledge to explore the use of executive action to curb gun violence, radio titan Rush Limbaugh had this to say on his show today:

If Bush, Cheney, and Alberto Gonzales talked about issuing an executive order on abortion, would they be laughing at CNN? Would Carol Costello be laughing at anybody who thought it might put abortion at risk? “Come on, they’re nothing! Come on, don’t get so panicked. An executive order doesn’t trump the Constitution. They can’t ban abortion with executive order. Don’t worry about it, Carol!” Yeah, right. “Don’t worry about it, Ashley! Don’t worry about it, Roland. Don’t worry about it, Jeffrey. An executive order can’t trump abortion in the Constitution. Roe v. Wade. It’s right there.”

Whatever Limbaugh’s perspicacity on politics and executive fiats, he’s as media-smart as there is. He knows: If you get a prominent mention on a platform like CNN, you milk it.