President Obama at a news conference President Obama addresses reporters during a news conference. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Eric Ostermeier of the blog Smart Politics sees injustice in how President Obama distributed questions during his first-term news conferences. Fox News, he argues, isn’t getting its fair share of asking opportunities:

A Smart Politics analysis finds that ABC reporters have been called on the most frequently during Barack Obama’s solo news conferences followed by CBS, the Associated Press, and NBC with FOX News coming in at a distant ninth at less than half the rate of the top outlets and less than 40 percent of press conferences overall.

That’s one way of putting things. Another is that Fox News is ahead of The Washington Post and just a hair behind CNN and the New York Times in terms of questions asked. Not a bad crowd there.

The real injustice in Smart Politics’s numbers? Politico! It’s tied for 20th place with two questions asked — just barely edging out BET, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Detroit News, among others. If only the White House apportioned questions of the president based on word count and blog-post frequency.