Monday’s inaugural ceremony (POOL / Reuters)

The trouble with inaugurations is that authentic stuff doesn’t much happen. Everything is scheduled, scripted and protected by cordons and cordons of security. Throw in the humdrum of a second inaugural, and the media has real problems.

That’s why the day’s few real moments are getting fabulous rotation in the media. A prime example took place when President Obama was heading inside for lunch after his address. He turned around at the threshold to take a gander at the crowd gathered on the Mall. “I want to take a look one more time. I’m not going to see this again,” he says, as various folks essentially plow right past him, making it very hard for him to enjoy this moment. Lunch must be eaten, after all.

Another moment came at the Capitol inauguration luncheon. Michelle Obama sits between her husband and House Speaker John Boehner. Just after the speaker says something of an apparently jocular nature to the president, the first lady appears to roll her eyes at the remark.

Politico unearthed a fabulous scoop by reporting that Vice President Biden had likened Republicans to terrorists following the 2011 debt-ceiling negotiations. Producing the story required a lot of digging, but the mathematics worked in Politico’s favor: There was a roomful of potential sources.

Not so with the eye-roll moment. This perhaps-funny quip was shared between the president and the speaker of the House and overheard by the first lady. No other primary sources, from the looks of things. Who can get it?