(Photo by Julie Kray)

“Fox News Watch” this past weekend addressed the media’s positive coverage of President Obama’s second inaugural party. Conclusions: Way too fawning; not as skeptical as the coverage of George W. Bush’s second party; and so on. Jon Scott, host of “Fox News Watch,” made clear that he wasn’t part of the adoration crowd. Here’s his take on Obama’s speech:

We heard during the inaugural address, we heard about climate change, we heard about gay rights, we heard about lots of issues but nothing much about the deficit and some of the pressing issues, you know, the really pressing issues of our time.

Call it a victory for consistency: All week long, Fox News commentators were faulting the president for failing to make the deficit and the national debt central themes of his inaugural presentation. It’s a solid line of thinking. Excessive debt, after all, is a burden that’ll victimize future generations of Americans.

Kinda like climate change, come to think of it. Who’s to say that the prospect of floods and droughts, of extinct species and swollen seas, of displaced peoples and monster hurricanes, doesn’t qualify as a really pressing issue of our time?