Geraldo Rivera (Richard Drew / AP)

It’s a slow news day. You can run only so many non-updates on the terrible hostage situation in Alabama. And there are only so many times you can revisit this week’s Senate hearing on gun violence.

So why not bring on contributor Geraldo Rivera to talk about a possible political future as a Republican Senate candidate in New Jersey? Such appears to have been the thinking at Shepard Smith’s Fox News program “Studio B,” which just hosted a Rivera-for-Senate infomercial. With a little nudge by Smith, Rivera, who appeared on the morning show “Fox & Friends” with a similar spiel, went off.

“It’s a dream I’ve had for a long time,” intoned Rivera, referencing political heroes including longtime New York senator Jacob Javits and New Jersey senator Clifford Case. He rapped the folks in the GOP’s “nativist wing” who hammered George W. Bush for his moderation on the topic of immigration. He took a swipe at the notion of self-deportation: “Why would a Latino person want to vote for a Republican in those circumstances?” he asked. He railed against how Republicans have become a party of “scolds,” telling everyone what they cannot do. He preached in favor of a party that favors business and free enterprise.

For all those Fox Newsers who hammer other media organizations for their softball questions, it’s hard to get softer than this little colloquy. At one point, Smith turned to Rivera and said, “Well, Senator!” They joked about the victory party.