(Kirsty Wigglesworth / The Associated Press)

Those unfamiliar with the folkways of “Fox & Friends” might just suppose that the remarks of tri-co-host Gretchen Carlson today on the drone controversy were an active attempt to sabotage her own program.

After the drone discussion surfaced, Carlson said, “I’m just wondering why this is suddenly a topic of discussion.” When reminded that White House counterterrorism adviser John O. Brennan, an architect of the drone program, was being nominated to head the CIA, Carlson responded, “I know, I get that.” Additional reasons why this is a topic of discussion: secrecy, the Constitution, the public’s right to know, the efficacy of targeted killings and so on.

Later in the segment, Carlson asked, “My question is, are the Democrats upset because innocent civilians are being killed in these drone strikes or are they upset because the alleged terrorists are actually being killed?” Keep pursuing that one, Carlson.