Last night wasn’t a good one for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. That’s because in the closing moments of his interview on CNN with Piers Morgan, failed pundit Dick Morris was asked whom he’d like to see lead the Republican Party come 2016.

“Scott Walker,” came the response from Morris. Surely he’d win in a landslide.

CNN should know not to flash the “EXCLUSIVE” graphic during an interview with Morris. After all, he was just abandoned by Fox News because of his faulty 2012 election predictions. Meaning he doesn’t quite qualify as what the industry calls a “get.”

If you hadn’t heard Morris’s well-worn excuses for erring on his Mitt Romney-blowout prediction of last fall—that an unexpected demographic thing happened, that Superstorm Sandy interrupted the campaign, etc.—this Morgan-Morris interview is for you.

Credit Morgan, however, for prying this bit of news out of his interlocutor:

MORGAN: What people are asking is why FOX is not interested now on your views or whether Republicans want you to go?
MORRIS: Hey, I don’t — I don’t know what FOX is interested in or not.
MORGAN: But they must have told you, isn’t it?
MORRIS: Well, I had a wonderful talk with Roger Ailes, who I really respect, a week ago. And he said in this business, you’re up, you’re down, nothing is final or fatal.
MORGAN: But why are you down now as far as —
MORRIS: Because I was wrong, and I was wrong at the top of my lungs.

Right there: Evidence of honest-to-goodness editorial standards at Fox News, something for which the Erik Wemple Blog is always scanning the horizon.