Julie Moos, the director of Poynter Online, is bolting for a position with McClatchy’s Washington bureau, where her title will be senior digital editor, according to a Facebook posting:

Big news: I have accepted a job as Senior Digital Editor at McClatchy’s DC bureau and will be leaving Poynter in mid-March after 10 wonderful years.
We will be staying in Safety Harbor until Colter graduates in June 2014; I’ll be going back and forth for a while.
Thank you to everyone who has helped me reach this point in my career and life. More details and gratitude to come…

Poynter.org is a fast-churning journalism-trade site that posts quick updates on news tidbits from the media world, along with thinkier fare about trends and practices in the industry.

One of the top challenges that Moos faced in her tenure was the departure of Jim Romenesko, the brand name who for years ran Poynter’s news blog. In a startling post, Moos in November 2011 cited concerns about Romenesko’s aggregational methods, and journos fought about the ethics of it for days. Romenesko now runs a competing site.