The noteworthy part of the “Hannity” segment (embedded below) is not that host Sean Hannity essentially subcontracted his program to Rush Limbaugh by playing two minutes and 28 seconds of his radio program, including his “viral” remark that “I am ashamed of my country.”

Nor is it that at one point in the dialogue, Hannity protests in favor of the radio host, “Rush loves America, too.”

Nor is it that at another point in the dialogue, Hannity proclaims, “Liberals never understand Rush—it frustrates me.”

It is, rather, the point late in the discussion when new Fox News contributor Herman Cain challenges longtime Fox Contributor Juan Williams over the crux of this America-shame “debate.” Cain said he was “embarrassed”—not “ashamed”—that the Obama administration “ignores” a poorly performing economy. Williams replied that federal spending cuts are going to drag down the economy. Cain started interrupting. The dialogue:

CAIN: Juan, you’re dead wrong. Juan, you’re dead wrong.

WILLIAMS: It’s going to hurt America.

CAIN: Juan, you’re dead wrong. Those weren’t the factors that caused the economy to contract. Trust me.

WILLIAMS: That’s what the economists said, Herman.

CAIN: Those are the wrong economists.

Bold text added to show that of all the free agents that have signed with various cable networks over the past few months, none can match Herman Cain.