Mitt Romney Mitt Romney (Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)

Fox News’s Jonathan Hunt in the “Bias Bash” feature took on a question addressed yesterday by the Erik Wemple Blog: Does an outlet that posts an explosive video deserve something as prestigious as a George Polk Award?

The question is relevant these days because this past week, just such an award was conveyed to Mother Jones’s David Corn for his famous “47 percent” video from what was supposed to have been a private Mitt Romney fundraiser. Stuart Stevens, a top Romney campaign official, told this blog that what Corn had done was “a long way from ‘All the President’s Men.’ ”

Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton endorses the accolade: “I think it was probably the single most influential thing in the election last year,” he said. When asked by Hunt whether news outlets get awards for simply getting a video, Pinkerton responded, “Yeah, that’s kind of how it works.”

One caveat, though: Pinkerton says that if you’re going to give Corn a Polk, give one, too, to undercover video specialist James O’Keefe for the footage that slammed ACORN. More work, says Pinkerton, went into the O’Keefe ACORN production, because he “manufactured his personas” and underwent a great deal of risk in pursuing the scoop. Award judges, of course, generally don’t cotton to manufactured personas.