President Obama at a news conference President Obama at a news conference. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

As of yesterday, President Obama had governed for 37 days of his second term, leaving him with about 1,424 days left to go, or 97 percent of the distance.

All of which Bill O’Reilly seized upon as an ideal opportunity to riff about how historians would grade the president’s performance. Guess what? The cable news host delivered a grim prediction on that front:

A few years from now, when President Obama’s administration is evaluated, historians will not care about his charisma, his co-opting of the press or his demeanor in general. No. History will look at the facts. And the facts are that the USA is on the road to bankruptcy. And when that happens, if it does, President Obama will be blamed.

Previous presidents like Van Buren, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover all got hammered because of perceived bad economic policies. The fact is that right now Barack Obama is in that historical category. And that’s a fact.

Cold, hard, immutable fact!

Whatever O’Reilly’s historical judgment, he should know by now to question it, especially when it’s based on insufficient evidence. That, after all, was the problem with “Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama,” a 2010 book by O’Reilly. After observing the first Obama administration for a year or so, O’Reilly poured into “Pinheads” a collection of foreboding statements about the president’s prospects for a second term. (See “An Obama second term defies O’Reilly book“).

A classic from “Pinheads”:

Page 32: “As we all know, life is a series of ups and downs, and shortly after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama entered a stunning downward cycle that damaged his administration perhaps beyond repair.”

And another:

Page 149: “It is almost eerie that today we may be experiencing a giant flashback to the Carter era. President Obama’s job approval rating is descending because of the economy, the oil spill, and overseas chaos, some of it generated by Iran. Will Obama be a Carter redux?”

Different situation, same script for O’Reilly.