(Jim Watson/Getty Images)

In a segment this afternoon on Megyn Kelly’s “America Live,” Fox Newser and former Bush administration aide Dana Perino gets all candid about an initiative of yore to pull off some pushback against an opus by Bob Woodward:

I tried to tangle with Bob Woodward once. We basically tried to discredit his third book, when it came out, of the Bush administration. It was about the Iraq war. … We tried to put distance between us and Woodward. And it failed miserably.

Perino is making an apparent reference to Woodward’s “State of Denial,” a deep look at the Bush administration’s management of the Iraq war. “Everybody defended Bob Woodward,” said Perino. “But now they treat him like elephants treat the oldest elephant in the herd.” To which Kelly responded, “Yeah, pushing him out.”