close up of handgun (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

“Fox & Friends” tri-host Steve Doocy gives his morning audience a lot of things: One of the most distinctive and frequently deployed smirks in all of television; a strong conservative outlook on the day’s issues; and, now, insight into how the criminal mind works.

In a segment with councilwoman Edith Portillo from Nelson, Ga., Doocy (and Fox News’s Eric Bolling) were discussing a resolution by the town to make gun ownership “mandatory.” Portillo noted that Nelson has a single full-time police officer, leaving some gaps in coverage.

Doocy told Portillo:

If that guy, you know, he only works eight hours a day, and there’s 24 hours in a day, there are a lot of hours you’re not covered. So you would make gun ownership mandatory. If I was a criminal, looking in…that’s a town that I’d bypass. If I knew that everybody had a gun.

Doocy fantasy inoperative: The law exempts “paupers” — i.e., those who can’t afford a firearm — as well as people whose “beliefs” are at odds with gun ownership. So the ordinance, if approved, may not push the gun ownership needle much beyond the next town’s. Good PR, though: It’s not every day that Nelson, Ga., gets a segment on “Fox & Friends.”