Karl Rove Karl Rove (Tony Gutierrez / The Associated Press)

Why would Karl Rove want to remind anyone of his election night antics?

That’s precisely what the Republican strategist and Fox News contributor did in a chat this morning with Fox’s Rick Folbaum. When asked about the papal conclave’s quest to rack up enough votes behind a successor to Pope Benedict XVI, Rove — inexplicably, un-self-awaredly — steered the discussion into the vicinity of the moment when he balked at calling the state of Ohio — and the whole presidential election — for Barack Obama back in November.

“They do it the right way,” said Rove. “They get to the final vote and the decision and then they let the smoke get it.”

And he’s sticking to his broader point:

“Maybe there’s a message there for American media Maybe we better wait, rather than try to call it, let the election go to its final conclusion and let the results speak for themselves.”

(h/t TPM)