Paul Ryan (Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)

Rachel Maddow spent nearly two minutes of chatter introducing a Paul Ryan CNBC clip from last July 25. That was before the Wisconsin lawmaker was chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate, and just as Republicans were trying to get the public to pay attention to the significant differences between their vision and the policies of the Obama administration. “Whoever wins this election basically is going to determine what this all looks like next year,” said Ryan to Maria Bartiromo. “What we’re saying is, ‘Here’s what we’ll do if we win this election.'”

Then why does the Paul Ryan budget unveiled on Tuesday reprise many of the same themes from the Ryan-Romney collaboration last year? That’s what Maddow wanted to know. “Bringing back essentially the same plan you just got defeated for seems like a weird way to respond to that defeat,” she intoned.

Not weird—principled, said Ryan in a press conference yesterday. “The election didn’t go our way. Believe me, I know what that feels like. That means we surrender our principles?” Ryan said, according to The Post. “We think we owe the country a balanced budget. We think we owe the country solutions to the big problems that are plaguing our nation: a debt crisis on the horizon. A slow-growing economy. People trapped in poverty. We’re showing our answers.”

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