A great deal has been written in this space and elsewhere about the Roger Ailes biography skirmishes. In short, there are two writers out there competing to recount the life and times of the Fox News chief. Zev Chafets, a widely published author, has the full cooperation of Ailes and has already published an excerpt of his opus in Vanity Fair, a preview that portends a highly favorable view of the network executive.

Then there’s Gabriel Sherman, a New York magazine contributing editor who’s not getting cooperation from the Ailes camp. None whatsoever. The opposite, in fact.

Last year, Sherman, for instance, tried to subscribe to the Putnam County News & Recorder, a paper piloted by Ailes’s wife, Elizabeth Ailes. Subscription denied! Elizabeth Ailes told the Erik Wemple Blog that she didn’t want to get into “a financial transaction with [Sherman] and his credit card.”

Now there’s more. Sherman is now following the account @Elizabeth_Ailes on Twitter.

@Elizabeth_Ailes didn’t like that:

Caveat: Multiple calls to the Putnam County News & Recorder and an e-mail have failed to fetch confirmation that the Twitter account @Elizabeth_Ailes belongs to the wife of Roger Ailes, though the sentiment in the tweet, plus the accounts @elizabeth_ailes is following suggests as much.

With merely six tweets on the account, @Elizabeth_Ailes might need a little briefing on the Twitterese. “Following” someone on the social network, after all, isn’t like following them around their neighborhood, place of employment or house.