Zev Chafets’s new book “Roger Ailes: Off Camera” provides a quite glowing account of the Fox News boss. In chapter after chapter, Ailes is either brilliantly dealing with personnel matters at Fox News, brilliantly disarming his critics, brilliantly playing offense against his liberal neighbors in Putnam County, N.Y., brilliantly jousting with Barack Obama or brilliantly setting the course for Fox News.

Chafets insists that the work is not an authorized biography — even though Ailes told CNN-Newsweek-Daily Download personality Howard Kurtz that he’d picked Chafets to do the book. On CNN yesterday, Kurtz asked Chafets, “What’s the most critical thing that you’ve found” about Ailes? “The whole book is one long look behind the scene at Fox News and Roger Ailes,” responded Chafets. How about something that troubles you about Ailes? asked Kurtz. Nothing.