National Journal is announcing today that it has poached Politico Managing Editor Tim Grieve to helm “Tim is one of Washington’s most accomplished journalists and digital innovators. We are thrilled that he will spend the next chapter of his career here, delivering National Journal’s trusted voice on politics and policy to engaged citizens across the nation,” notes National Journal President Bruce Gottlieb.

Grieve is a veteran of the Sacramento Bee and Salon; he headed Capitol Hill coverage for Politico and most recently built out the premium service Politico Pro, which covers policy issues in a number of “verticals,” including energy and transportation, technology, defense and health care.

The hire stems from a reorganization of National Journal that began in November 2012, cleaving the National Journal operation into two parts: (1) a membership team that services the organization’s 800 premium clients (11,000 users), headed by National Journal veteran Charlie Green; and (2) a digital team of writers and reporters and editors entrusted with pushing National Journal reporting across the land; Grieve is heading up this part of the operation.

According to National Journal spokesman Ben Fishel, Grieve will be supervising 25 people in his new gig.

Those staffers will have a hard-charging boss who helped set the metabolic rate of Politico, both on free-content web platform and on the paid Politico Pro side. When the Erik Wemple Blog got a test view of Politico Pro last year, his inbox was pummeled by update after update after update on the most minute ticks and tocks in Pro’s “verticals.” National Journal, as well as other Capitol Hill publications, has struggled to respond to Politico’s approach to Washington journalism. So why not just hire someone from Politico to beat Politico?