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Minutes after filleting Republicans for threatening to filibuster Senate gun legislation — “Is anyone awake in my party on the Hill?” he asked — “Morning Joe” name partner Joe Scarborough spoke of an upcoming show on gun control featuring Vice President Joe Biden. “We’re going to be talking to Joe Biden on Thursday,” said Scarborough, promoting a round-table discussion with people on all sides of the issue.

One principal in the debate, though, won’t be front and center: “We’ve invited a lot of people there. And I think this is one of the most telling things: We invited the NRA several times to come and just sit down and have a talk with Joe Biden. We’re going to have a couple of pro-gun advocates, we’re going to have a couple of .. pro-gun safety advocates, and we invited the NRA and they said ‘we’re too busy.’ And … we said … you’ve got a chance to sit down for an hour and talk to the man who you claim is shredding the Constitution. ‘We’re too busy that week.’ They don’t want to debate.”