Parker Michels-Boyce

Donald Trump stopped into the Washington Post auditorium this morning to:

1) Charm a crowd of several hundred;

2) Talk about real estate and himself, not necessarily in that order; and

3) Bash the media, of course: “What I don’t like is bad stories when they [the journalists, that is] know they’re false,” he said at one point. “What I don’t like are stories that are false and wrong,” he also said.

During the sessions’ Q & A period, the Erik Wemple Blog rose to ask Trump to identify his No. 1 false-and-wrong story. He wouldn’t. “There are too many of them,” he replied.

If the Erik Wemple Blog had a Facebook “like” for every time we’ve experienced this rigmarole, we’d be Sarah Palin. The rigmarole is this: Hammer the media in broad, unspecific and crowd-pleasing terms, then decline to cough up any specifics. It’s quite a feat of logic, actually — bash the media without bashing a single media outlet. If there’s anyone who can get away with it, it’s Trump, who spoke in great depth about his deals, other people’s deals and more deals. When he steers clear of politics, government and President Obama, he’s dangerous.