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Donald Trump’s hair: Does it diminish him?

Time magazine did a piece titled “The Secret to Donald Trump’s Hair.” “Donald Trump hair” yields 10.3 million results on Google. The Huffington Post, of course, has a landing page with this URL:

That’s a fair amount of hair coverage.

Earlier this week, Name It. Change It., a group that fights sexism in media, released a study showing that media focus on the personal appearance of female politicians diminishes their standing among survey respondents.

The study didn’t look at how appearance-oriented coverage affected male politicians, in part because the study’s authors said there wasn’t enough of it to warrant such an examination.

Well, what about Trump? Sure, he’s not a politician, though he’s quite political. And he’s been the topic of a great deal of appearance-oriented coverage. Could the hair stories possibly diminish The Donald? That’s a question that the Erik Wemple Blog put to him during a session today at the Washington Post.

Trump responded with some quips suggesting he spends little time pondering ways in which he could be diminished. “It is my hair, actually,” he said, and he acknowledged that it’s a big “topic” out there in the world. “I’ve been combing my hair this way my whole life, I work at it.”

Verdict: Hair coverage doesn’t diminish Donald Trump.