The latest Boston-bombing journo-foul from a New York tabloid is not the work of the New York Post. It comes from the Daily News.

Have a look at the cover of yesterday’s edition of the Daily News. It’s a suitably compelling photo for a big-city tab, depicting a scene of blood, chaos and terror. On the left side of the Daily News photograph, a woman lies on her back, a slick of blood extending from the bottom of her right leg.

A man kneels over her, but she doesn’t appear to be suffering any readily identifiable injury.

Now have a look at the unedited photo, which was taken by John Tlumacki of the Boston Globe. Capital New York has a helpful side-by-side. That woman has a grisly wound at the bottom of her leg, one that the Daily News apparently decided should not be presented to its readers. (This savvy blogger highlighted the discrepancy)

Ken Frydman, a spokesman for the Daily News, says the step was taken “out of sensitivity” to the paper’s audience. “That’s why, and there are far more gory photos that they chose not to run,” says Frydman. “Frankly, I think everybody in the media should have been this sensitive.”