In its wall-to-wall coverage of the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, CNN furnished no shortage of material for chief cable-news critic Jon Stewart. The satire focused on the breathless reporting of CNN correspondent Deborah Feyerick, who got caught up in a bunch of Friday morning police movements. From Stewart’s medley of Feyerick highlights:

A couple of cars are now beginning to move. You’ve got cars going straight, you’ve got cars peeling to the right. A number of the vehicles just pulled out. We hear one of the K-9 dogs barking. Interesting: That dog is barking. We can smell—there’s something in the air. That’s at least the third K-9 dog barking. So they may be smelling what we thought we smelled.

That’s a best-of compilation, mind you—not one sustained riff. On a couple of occasions Feyerick told viewers she needed to catch her breath. No wonder.