Kermit Gosnell Dr. Kermit Gosnell (Yong Kim/Associated Press)

Just before mayhem at the Boston Marathon stole the attention of the national media, conservatives launched a populist uprising against undercoverage of the Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia. The result was more time in the wilderness for the story of an abortion provider charged with all manner of grisly murders.

During the tumultuous marathon week, Fox News conducted a poll featuring a question dear to your local media critic:

Usually the media give murder trials a lot of coverage, yet few news organizations have covered the Gosnell trial — what do you think is the most likely reason for the lack of national news coverage?

The results:

Too gruesome: 17 percent

Pro-abortion rights media bias: 41 percent

Local story, not national: 26

The Erik Wemple Blog is in no position to gainsay those polling results. First of all, they’re the word of the people. Second, we agree with Marc Lamont Hill that at least a partial explanation for the low level of Gosnell coverage stems from media bias. And third, attaching percentages to these factors is unknowable and impossible: Even if all the editors responsible for under-covering the story spoke up — which they won’t do — they can’t possibly self-diagnose their biases. All of which makes this an ideal topic for polling.