(Jon Vachon for The Washington Post) (Jon Vachon for The Washington Post)

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra J. Saunders yesterday penned a column with this provocative headline: “Will Boston probe falter like Benghazi?” Saunders made the profound connection between the two — namely that in both instances, President Obama made chest-beating statements promising “justice” for the perpetrators.

And that’s all you need to launch an eight-minute segment on Fox News exploring Benghazi-Boston parallels. It went down on today’s edition of “America Live,” on which host Megyn Kelly conducted a discussion titled “Will Boston Bombing Investigation Be Bungled Like Benghazi?” She answered that question in the very beginning of a debate with Simon Rosenberg (NDN founder) and Brad Blakeman (aide to Bush 43). Here’s what Kelly said:

Well, one notable difference between Benghazi and Boston is … a week after Boston, we found at least two of the guys who did it. … That’s a heck of lot farther than we’ve come in Benghazi.

Correct. So why launch a segment on this topic? Does Fox News like alliteration that much?