Howard Kurtz (Associated Press)

Following Howard Kurtz’s hasty departure from the Daily Beast this week, media speculation has focused on whether this longtime media critic would hold onto his most powerful media platform — his Sunday show, “Reliable Sources,” on CNN.

After “reviewing” things for nearly a day, CNN has an answer:

There has been no status change with Howard Kurtz, he remains the host of Reliable Sources. He will address this issue on the program this weekend.

Bolded text added to highlight an unsatisfactory setup: CNN must appoint someone — Jake Tapper! — to interview Kurtz — yes, on Kurtz’s own show — about the various unanswered questions regarding his departure from the Daily Beast:

1) What was the nature of his alleged frustrations with the Daily Beast and its direction under Editor in Chief Tina Brown?

2) What, precisely, is his business relationship with the Daily Download and its founder, Lauren Ashburn?

3) Did he fight the retraction that the Daily Beast ran on his Jason Collins post?

Tapper can think of the rest.