On the Fox News program “America Live” this afternoon, host Megyn Kelly criticized big news organizations for their coverage of yesterday’s Benghazi hearing. Kicking off a discussion with Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, Kelly said, “If you look at sort of across the mainstream media, it was a collective yawn in response to yesterday’s Benghazi coverage.”

If so, that collective yawn was the by-product of a lot of work.

The New York Times, for instance, fronted the story of the hearing.

So did the Washington Post, which also used a great photo from the session:

Not to pile on, but please sample the Wall Street Journal:

Prime placement right there, Fox News.


Moving to another key medium, all three networks ran packages on the hearing last night. Funny thing: Jon Scott of Fox News even made that point earlier in the day, noting that CBS News ran a 4:41 piece on it, with ABC News clocking in at 2:24 and NBC News at 2:59. Then Scott turned to a guest and asked, “Does it surprise you that this story did not get a whole lot of attention, especially on NBC and ABC?”


What does the guy want? The entire broadcast dedicated to Benghazi? Surely the Erik Wemple Blog would have loved such a Benghazi-fest, but we understand that the networks have other things to cover as well (Cleveland).

Forgive Fox News for its analytical blindness. For years, the network has been shredding the mainstream media for ignoring its pet issues. It’s a mantra, a reflex response. So when contrary information pops up on street-corner newspaper boxes, on TV screens and on computer screens everywhere, we can excuse Fox News for not noticing. Give it a pass on this one.