Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and proprietary media commentator Bernie Goldberg last night broke down coverage of Wednesday’s spellbinding House hearing on Benghazi. To their credit, they didn’t say that the media had responded to the news with a “collective yawn.”

They did say, however, that MSNBC responded with an individual fail. Goldberg:

On the media I would like to make three points, first, MSNBC which ran zero seconds or minutes or anything of live coverage of the hearings, MSNBC is not a liberal news organization or a left-wing news organization. It is not a news organization of any kind. It’s a public relations firm. And some of its clients don’t want this story to go anywhere. Barack Obama doesn’t, Hillary Clinton doesn’t and congressional Democrats don’t want it to go anywhere.

There’s no question that Democrats don’t like the story line. And MSNBC has been there to diminish it, as the Erik Wemple Blog noted in a post yesterday. On her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow pooh-poohed the story by wrapping it up with fringe conspiracy theories. She said Wednesday night:

It`s magic, if you say Benghazi enough, if you teach enough people who only type with the cap locks key on Twitter, to spell Benghazi, that “H” is really hard, then eventually President Obama will be impeached, or will resign, and then we will get all of our ammunition back and finally get to meet his gay husband.

So there you have it — the incredible, ever-widening cable-news ideological gulf. On one end of this televised spectrum, every last twitch in the Benghazi story is a “bombshell,” worthy of “news alert” status and a somber-faced anchor speaking as if the republic hung in the balance. On the other end, the whole thing is a joke, mindless politics as usual. Good thing there’s C-SPAN — “created by cable” — which covered the Benghazi hearing in toto, allowing many Americans to reach their own conclusions.