Fox News talent Bill O’Reilly visited morning news show “America Live” today, in part to toot his own horn. In a discussion with host Martha MacCallum, the boss of prime-time cable news said this stuff:

MacCallum: When you look at Fox’s coverage of Benghazi, we’ve been establishing the facts from the get-go.
O’Reilly: I’m sure we’re going to get a Pulitzer Prize.
MacCallum: I’m sure we are too.
O’Reilly: And you and I will go to Oslo, Norway and, you know, and we’ll bring [Roger] Ailes, the boss, and we’ll accept the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on Benghazi.
MacCallum: When you build a story—and when you look at the Watergate investigation….the only reason I bring it up is because we’ve been accused of relentless reporting on this issue and not letting go of it, and that’s what happened in the Watergate investigation. There were relentless reporters who would not let it go and the administration wanted them to let it go.

Just a few quibbles:

1) Under the rules of the Pulitzer Prizes, “Magazines and broadcast media, and their
respective Web sites, are not eligible.”

2) Pulitzers are based in New York; the Nobel Prizes are in Norway and Sweden.

3) Whether you’re after Pulitzers, Nobels or some other prize, your chances of winning generally increase when you don’t brag about your award-deserving work on air.

4) Fox News may indeed have been “accused of relentless reporting” on Benghazi. In this space, however, it has been accused of spreading a whole bunch of unsubstantiated and false claims about the events of Sept. 11, 2012.