In two appearances today, MSNBC contributor David Axelrod did precisely what he’s contracted to do: Opine on the political affairs of the day. And in those two appearances, MSNBC contributor David Axelrod did precisely what critics might have expected him to do. That is, make arguments that largely defend the Obama administration’s view of the world.

Here, he brushed back CBS News’ Bob Schieffer, who had ripped the White House’s communications strategy, saying that its message-controlling ways are depriving the public of information. And here, he scoffed at the notion that there was political involvement in the IRS scandal, arguing that a political operator would have looked at the targeting of conservative groups and said, “‘This is ludicrous. What are you guys doing?'”

Axelrod, an adviser on Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, found himself in a slight disagreement with host Andrea Mitchell about the sorts of issues that matter the most to the American people. Very slight, actually.

(H/T Mediaite.)