Obama (left) and Holder
(Pablo Martinez Monsivais / The Associated Press)

In a just-concluded segment featuring anchors Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier, Fox News signaled that it continues to deliberate on whether it will attend a session with Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss Justice Department guidelines for snooping on media organizations. The sessions are off the record, and the New York Times, the Associated Press and CNN have made clear that they won’t be attending.

Fox News, said Baier, will reach a decision soon on the matter.

The Erik Wemple Blog respects careful corporate decision-making as much as the next blogger. But really: What other information does Fox News need to blow this thing off? Consider:

1) Fox News has good company in the New York Times, CNN and the AP.

2) Fox News is NOT going to get fresh and privileged information about the James Rosen case in a meeting with other news organizations, whether the session is off the record, waaay off the record or on “double super secret background.”

3) Fox News likes to present itself as bucking the ways of Washington’s establishment media outfits.

4) Holder will use the off-the-record footing to spin everyone in attendance about his earnest mission to resolve the situation. The inevitable result would be a softening of coverage relating to Holder — something Fox News cannot abide.

5) Fox News’s reporters at various times have complained of trouble getting included in official briefings in and around Washington. Time to return the favor, Fox News!

Don’t go!