andrea tantaros Andrea Tantaros (Courtesy Fox News)

On her radio show yesterday, Andrea Tantaros of Fox News discussed the off-the-record meetings that Attorney General Eric Holder had scheduled with a narrowing list of media organizations, including the Washington Post and Politico. She said:

It’s going to be Eric Holder and Politico … and that little dweeb from the Washington Post. What’s his face? Erik Wemple…. Oh wait, just kidding, everybody. Just kidding, I was making a joke.

The Erik Wemple Blog is fine with “dweeb,” and “little” is a nice, dismissive diminutive. (For the audio in question, turn the dial to the 105:50 of the May 30 show). A mild, grade-school-level insult, after all, sure beats having Tantaros appeal to her audience to punch you in the face.