Sarah Palin (Adrees Latif/Reuters)

Onward with the ideological muddle over Edward Snowden’s leaks on the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency (NSA). One day after former vice president Dick Cheney on Fox News called Edward Snowden a “traitor,” Sarah Palin on Fox News was given the chance to do likewise. She didn’t.

The segment on “Fox & Friends” marked Palin’s return to the network as a contributor, following a public breakup early this year. In a chat on the show’s horseshoe couch, Palin was asked whether Snowden’s leaks were helping to make America safer.

She came off as something of a fan of the young Snowden:

First, I really don’t think that Snowden is the issue, though, in any of this. I think the issue is, again, is that government is so large and so intrusive in all aspects of life that we need more revelations, we need more truth about what our administration is doing so that we can hold our government, that works for us — to hold them accountable.

On other matters, Palin was asked to identify the most serious scandal of recent months:

It’s the whole ball of wax that all leads to the revelation that government lies, unfortunately. And with Benghazi, though, government lied and people died. So that’s very, very significant. The other issues are government lied and government spied. That’s pretty bad, too, but I think the Benghazi issue, where brave, innocent Americans lost their lives in defense of our country, our freedoms, is quite significant because we still don’t have truth in regards to what happened there.