The former Fauquier Times-Democrat just announced a name change to the more politically neutral-sounding Fauquier Times. Executive Editor Bill Walsh yesterday explained a reason for the change to the Erik Wemple Blog: “We live in a politicized world, I think. It’s more a part of the everyday conversation whether you’re a conservative or a liberal or tea party.” Anecdotal evidence, said Walsh, suggested that some people were concerned that the paper may have been aligned with the Democratic Party.

One follow-up to the sad re-naming of the Fauquier Times-Democrat is this: Will the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle follow suit? Is the Gannett paper having ideologically oriented subscriber problems in these politically charged times? Apparently not. Here’s a statement to the Erik Wemple Blog from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Publisher Michael Kane: “We’ve been serving the community for 180 years and have the best known brand name in Western NY. Changing it based on a few folks having fun is not up for consideration.”