Attorney General Eric Holder (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

When the situation calls for high-volume, shrieking, straightforward, cable-news-style outrage, it is hard to outdo GretaWire, the quirky blog of Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. Van Susteren deploys bolded text, blue text, red text and exotic punctuation and syntax to bolster her firm opinions.

In a post this afternoon, GretaWire nails Eric Holder for the turn of events in which his Justice Department cited Fox News reporter James Rosen, in a leak investigation, as a probable “co-conspirator” in a violation of the Espionage Act. It did so in an expedient pursuit of his personal e-mails. When the department’s efforts were discovered, officials said they never pursued a prosecution of Rosen, despite the whole “co-conspirator” thing.

GretaWire breaks down the nonsensical intricacies of the Justice Department’s “position” on James Rosen:

PS – if DOJ didn’t intend to prosecute FNC’s James Rosen, why were they accusing him of a crime by calling him a co-conspirator? and is that the gossip of James, that he is a criminal? and is/was that the gossip floating around the Justice Department? Is that fair to James or anyone else who gets this DOJ treatment? Since he was accused in secret, James had no opportunity to point out he was just doing his job as a journalist? This was a DOJ ‘hit and run’ on James! At least with the story getting exposed, James has a chance to correct the record and point out that he was doing his job.

And finally, if DOJ and Attorney General Holder did not intend to prosecute James Rosen, but they believed him to be a co-conspirator, a criminal, why would they not prosecute him and only investigate? Does DOJ now look the other way on criminals? Is Holder telling us that the DOJ was going to let James ‘off the hook’ even though they believed he was a criminal? Aren’t they supposed to prosecute criminals? Isn’t that their job? (The fact they did not prosecute him and believed him to be a co-conspirator and told that to a Federal Magistrate under oath shows this was dirty from the get-go!)

This is all very messed up…