Donald Trump (Joshua Roberts/Reuters) (Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

That Donald Trump says outrageous stuff isn’t news. He does it all the time, including on today’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” which addressed the latest news regarding Edward Snowden. Yet the Erik Wemple Blog is always fascinated by how his interviewers react to his statements.

Check out this exchange between “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy and the Donald:

Doocy: You know, it’s interesting, on the front page of the New York Times this morning, Mr. Trump, legal experts say they appeared to flub the case. Why didn’t they revoke his passport after charges were filed. Because they had essentially the chance to freeze him in place and they didn’t do it. They dropped the ball on this.

Trump: Well, maybe they thought it wasn’t politically correct. You know, spies in the old days used to be executed. This guy is becoming a hero in some circles.

Bolded text added to highlight a comment that prompted a round of nodding agreement on the “Fox & Friends” set.

When asked his view on the conduct of the newspapers that published the Snowden stories, Trump called their actions “disgraceful” but said “that’s what they do.” The crew appeared to agree with Trump when he said, “Unless the retribution is swift and really strong, you’re going to have other people coming out with more information than he’s got.” We surely wouldn’t want that.