How Federal News Radio went from this logo…

To this logo…

… gets a full explanation in this story. If you’re wondering about the evolution of that sort-of-circular thingy on the left side of the logo, know that in previous design iterations, it was a pentagon (see second sample below):

The straight-up pentagonal look, however, wasn’t quite right, Lisa Wolfe, program director for the station, said in a blog post: “[W]e didn’t want it to look like the Pentagon or even a pentagon. We liked the font and the color choices, but something was not quite correct about aligning our non-political, non-partisan, general-interest federal news product with the symbol for United States military. So, back to the drawing board.”

And it’s here that Peter Golkin comes in. An Arlington resident, Golkin grew up as something of a political geek. When he was “12 or 13,” he says, he went to the Democratic National Convention in New York, where he picked up the following artifact, among other things:

The similarities between the two pieces of art dawned on Golkin, he says, because he’d put his Bill Clinton sign on a shelf years ago and looked at it every day. That modified pentagonal pinwheel thingy was seared into his visual memory.

Googling “bill clinton governor arkansas signs” surfaces the same logo (Find the sign by scrolling down a bit). Typical, depressing Internet: It persists in telling us that our puns, our designs, our jokes, our turns of phrase and all other creative brainstorms have been done before.