In his last appearance as host of media-crit program “Reliable Sources,” Howard Kurtz told viewers that he’d be doing pretty much the same thing in the future, only over at Fox News. Here’s how he articulated the pledge: “We have not shied away from controversy, including on those occasions when we’ve criticized CNN. I am moving on to become an analyst for Fox News and create a new media program there. There’s already been some sniping from people who don’t like Fox, but I haven’t changed, and I will be continuing my independent brand of media criticism.”

Bold text added to highlight a telling choice of words. In attributing the sniping to “people who don’t like Fox,” Kurtz is starting to sound like a Fox guy even before he’s started with the network. This is not a question of taste, as in broccoli vs. snow peas. The “sniping,” minimal though it is, stems from a general skepticism about Kurtz’s accession to an organization that historically hasn’t welcomed criticism of its work on its own airwaves, as we have noted previously. Just recall what happened to military expert Tom Ricks, who appeared as a guest on Fox News last November and proceeded to hammer the network for its coverage of Benghazi. The interview was cut short. Perhaps Ricks doesn’t “like” Fox News.