Rush Limbaugh, with cigar (ERIC RISBERG / Associated Press)

When Americans get frustrated with their media, they often feel inclined to take their gripes to a higher power. That would be the government. Commentators, journalists, pundits, etc., drive news consumers over and over to dial up or e-mail the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — the better to lobby for relief from all these experts. The Erik Wemple Blog a while back requested a cross-section of complaints and hereby continues a series showcasing the best ones.

On June 3, 2010, a news consumer from Tampa wrote this e-mail to the FCC:

I have watched Glenn Beck, Special Report, and Bill O’Reilly, every day for over a year; I also watch Shawn Hannity and Greta on a less regular basis. I have yet to hear one of those people talk in a hateful manner. All of them invite both sides to appear on their respective shows. I don’t believe the main stream media do the same. The things the progressives write to you about against the conservative talk shows are simply not true. Remind them, please, they change the channel if they don’t like what they hear.

Oops, almost forget. I also listen to Rush on the car radio whenever I can.

Thanks for listening.