When Americans get frustrated with their media, they often feel inclined to take their gripes to a higher power. That would be the government. Commentators, journalists, pundits, etc., drive news consumers over and over to dial up or e-mail the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — the better to lobby for relief from all these experts. The Erik Wemple Blog a while back requested a cross-section of complaints and hereby continues a series showcasing the best ones.

On Nov. 5, 2010, a news consumer from Shelby, N.C., submitted the following complaint to the FCC:

A very disgusting and provocative advertisement for another Sirius channel apparently about radio porn, as if we do not have enough forms of pornography already. The ad had a whorish sounding female voice talking about “in and out”, “up and down”, “69”. If my kids would have been in the car I would have been furious! This was on a primetime radio show that is the 3rd largest audience in the country. I would be willing to bet Glenn [Beck] would not condone it being played during his show.

Note: Beck’s show was added to SiriusXM Patriot in May 2010. According to a SiriusXM source, Beck’s program never aired such an on-air promotion, though it did run on adult-themed channels.