When Americans get frustrated with their media, they often feel inclined to take their gripes to a higher power. That would be the government. Commentators, journalists, pundits, etc., drive news consumers over and over to dial up or e-mail the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — the better to lobby for relief from all these experts. The Erik Wemple Blog a while back requested a cross-section of complaints and hereby continues a series showcasing the best ones.

On July 22, 2010, a news consumer from Midlothian, Va., sent this complaint to the FCC:

I have been watching the Glenn Beck Show. He is a wonderful and HONEST man. The subject is “NET NEUTRALITY”. If we want free speech on the net, he suggested……..http://www.nointernettakeover.com/ Someone is trying to stop me from getting to the website. A database website popped up in place of the site. It was blue and white and talked about a database. Please check this out. I have a computer company, so I know there is a problem. Thanking you in advance for looking into this for me. Please get back to me if possible.