Sharyl Attkisson Sharyl Attkisson (John P. Filo/CBS News)

A midsummer Friday with little news — no big Anthony Weiner updates; no new scandals, phony or otherwise; no ground-shaking personnel shuffles in the media world — provides a perfect opportunity to check in yet again on the status of Sharyl Attkisson’s compromised computers. For the uninitiated, here’s the timeline of this unresolved Beltway media thriller:

• Two months ago, CBS News investigative reporter Attkisson revealed some troubling breaches of her computers. In response to questions from a radio host, Attkisson said that the “compromised” computers “could be” related to the government’s surveillance of Fox News reporter James Rosen.

• A month and a half ago, CBS News confirmed “multiple” computer breaches of Attkisson’s computer.

• Days later, Attkisson appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” and told host Bill O’Reilly, “I think I know” the culprit behind the computer invasions.

• Last week, Politico posted an interview with Attkisson as part of its “50 Politicos to Watch” series. To the question “What’s the one characteristic that put you on this list?” Attkisson replied, “I assume it’s maybe the interest over the intrusion into my personal and work computers.”

In what’s becoming a routine, the Erik Wemple Blog checked today with CBS News and Attkisson about the status of her computer forensics. If Attkisson felt confident enough to say “I think I know” the identity of the guilty parties back in mid-June, surely she should have an update by now. CBS News indicated that there’s no update to be had, however. And Attkisson didn’t respond to an inquiry on the matter, which is also becoming a routine part of this exercise. To meet the standard of transparency that CBS News would certainly demand of any other newsmaker, it might consider either releasing the name of the company that performed the computer forensics or laying out its findings on the culprits. Or both.