(Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press) (Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press)

This morning on MSNBC, host Thomas Roberts addressed the ongoing controversy over Anthony Weiner and his now-famous sexting partner Sydney Leathers. After showing a clip of Leathers on the Howard Stern show saying that she is “proof” that Weiner hasn’t changed, Roberts turned to his panel with this assessment: “Meanwhile, this chick is so bat****. I mean, excuse me, bat-you-know-what. Excuse me, but Leathers reportedly considering a porn deal now, so that’s why I say that this whole thing is such a big mess…And I do want to apologize that I had the slip of the tongue right there. That was not very professional on my part. I do apologize.”

Apology accepted. Yet it’s apparent that Roberts was apologizing for his stumble into mild, flying-mammal-related profanity, and not for referring to Leathers as a “chick.” Young women in the news, no matter how young, naive, misguided, confused and disoriented by media exposure, deserve to be called women.

(h/t Politico’s Dylan Byers)