Glenn Beck Glenn Beck (Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images)

When Americans get frustrated with their media, they often feel inclined to take their gripes to a higher power. That would be the government. Commentators, journalists, pundits, etc., drive news consumers over and over to dial up or e-mail the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — the better to lobby for relief from all these experts. The Erik Wemple Blog a while back requested a cross-section of complaints and hereby continues a series showcasing the best ones.

On July 26, 2010, a news consumer from Hot Springs, Ark., sent these words to the FCC:

Dear Sir:

I know I am just an anonymous, faceless, unknown voice in the cacaphony of the universe, but I do know that Fox News has oversepped the boundaries of acceptable behavior in the Communications arena. I and others who understand what is acceptable, helpful and truthful discussion on the nation’s airwaves (or through cables), are fearful that what comes out of Fox is race-baiting, calling for violence and ultimately the overthrow of the current government. I cite the repudiations of the lies Fox freely spews which can be found on Media Matters, who list day after day the lies and misinformation Fox is allowed to get away with.

I know nothing will be done about it, but in my 62 years, I have never been so afraid for my country. Glenn Beck, in particular, is the most dangerous person on TV and radio. Is there no way to stop his insane and hate-filled rants? Is treason not cause for concern to the FCC?

Fox is NOT free speech…they are yelling “FIRE” in a theater…and they are fanning the flames of that fire.

I weep for what is now acceptable in this country, but I am just one voice. Hopefully soon we shall weep no more, but our voices will become too loud for the FCC to ignore.